Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Oxygen Network is proving to be a reliable source of interesting BBC programming. Upon a recommendation, I Tivoed Nighty Night this past weekend and found myself paralyzed with laughter at 3 AM. So very dark, so very funny. Julia Davis (Jill Farrell) is a genius. She has created a thoroughly despicable character that nevertheless I love. Jill is manipulative, slutty, selfish, truly sociopathic, and hilarious. No boundaries. Everything she does is straight from the id.

I caught episode 5 of 6, but it looks like Oxygen is going to rerun the entire series over starting in a couple weeks. These will reside on my Tivo for a long time. BBC2 will air a Christmas special and a second series in 2005. I hope Oxygen picks these up too.

Show site:
Lasso the Moon

"I have a lust for life and a flexible spine." -Jill

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