Friday, March 20, 2009

SXSW Music 2009: Day Two

Peter Murphy
Due to the colossal line out front of Elysium, I didn't even bother. Who knew aging punks had so much goth in their soul? As the mohawked, crow's feeted punks waited, next door Beerland was practically empty ahead of the Circle Jerks performance (Keith Morris was sitting out front reading quietly).

Grizzly Bear
Every year I look for the peak experience of SXSW without trying to force it. This year it came early on. After waiting in line for a long time, I almost left so I could see something in this time slot. Finally managed to grab a seat upstairs in the balcony just as they started. The view wasn't good, but oh the sound was. Already tired, I leaned my head back and just drifted to the gorgeous sounds of Ed Droste's voice drenched in church reverb. Man that new album is going to be great. After 15 years of SXSWs and much talk amongst friends of how jaded we can be, seeing a set like that from Grizzly Bear tanks up my faith in the eternal wonderment of great music.

After that set, I hardly cared about the rest of the night so floating on musical bliss was I.

These Are Powers
Waaaay too long to set up for this tepid, murky cacaphony.

The hippie vibe was too great for me to fully engage with this.

Written up all over the internets and playing a ton of shows during SXSW, this kid's got good PR and poor performing skills. At future shows, he spouted the same line I heard here, "We're playing like 950 shows so this is goin' be short." Quality over quantity dude. Stay home and rehearse.

Reliably blistering. He should be huge. Tiny audience, hopefully he had a much bigger one for his Mess With Texas show.

Beach House
Hey guys, which is more annoying, the "monotonous" lighting or your incessant complaining about it? Also, you're better on record.

Dinosaur Jr.
Very much like the show I saw them play at All Tomorrow's Parties last Fall. Just stayed for "The Wagon" and then headed out.

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