Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekend back in Austin

Went back to Austin this weekend to visit friends, pick up some leftover items from my old house, and do some shopping. Friday night was an art opening at End of an Ear where I bought a bunch of music. Then it was off to El Azteca for dinner. Their tamales are far below my gold standard (Curra's), but previously I've loved their mole and the salsa is always incredible. Next door was a hideously excessive Valentine's Day display in a flower shop. This shrimp appears to be allergic to itself, check out those lips. And what the hell do shrimp have to do with VD anyway? Not a shmoopy animal like bears and kittens. The night ended back at Mybloody's where we just sat around and goofed off.

Saturday was all about the acquisition of material objects. A good, steady paycheck will do that I've ascertained. At least I was buying books, music, movies, and furniture. Except for that last thing, I was very happy to be spending money at Austin businesses. Yay for shopping locally. The furniture was from IKEA. Yeah I know. I just needed to something cheap and decent looking. I only need it to last a few years.

Mybloody was all faux-exasperated that I hadn't ever been before, so he showed me how it worked. Thanks buddy! And of course at IKEA we gays run into other gays Mybloody knows. How embarrassingly cliche. Saturday night was a sedate one at Joolie & (name withheld cause I don't remember if he's amenable to being publicly identified)'s. I had to leave early to go to sleep as A) I'm on that sort of schedule what with the getting up at 5 AM for work and B) I had to get the rental car back to Houston.

After a nice, sedate ride back to my new apartment on Sunday, I did laundry and assembled furniture. All-in-all it was a fun, productive weekend though far too brief.

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  1. I'm still sorry we didn't get to see you!
    ps: I'm in Alvin right now but I think it'll be too big of a pain (read: traffic) to go into H-town..