Friday, February 08, 2008

The squirrel who looks like a tail-less cat

While going through stuff I've had stored away, I came across what I can only guess is the first story I ever wrote back in 1st grade.

The bike ride: An illustrated story

The text reads,

"Wans I took a bike ride. I saw a tree and a hill and a filld of flowrs. Well at that minit a squirrel jumped out of a tree. And landid on my bike I rod my bike home and cap the squirrel for a pet and I howp I have anothr avichr."

My spelling has vastly improved (what's with all the missing "e"s?), but sadly my illustration skills have not.


  1. Interesting - blogsearching for "avichr" (my name) and finding your entry... Greetings.