Saturday, February 16, 2008

Missing Austin mightily

I've got the profound homesickies.

I miss my friends and the bats and the tower lit orange and a friendly, laid-back populace and the (only slightly smug) awareness that I'm in the oasis that is the political desert of Texas and thinking of how great the park system is every time I drive along Lamar between 15th and 29th and wandering around Emo's waiting for the music to start and fairly-good-to-very-bad art on the walls of every damn coffee shop and cafe and seeing the stalwarts at the SXSW volunteer call and flipping through the new used records at End of an Ear and breakfast tacos on the morning of tests and sitting in the balcony at the Paramount and waiting forever for my burger at Casino El Camino and and and.

Being away from them, I appreciate how wonderful it truly is to have so many long-time friends. Back in Austin I regularly hung out with people I've known for 8, 12, 15 years. That depth of shared time and experience is...I don't know what I'd be without them. It's a downer to have to start over some place else. Frankly sucks is what it does. I'm determined not to wallow though.

Now, can someone tell me where the cool people with knowledge and reason who like making and appreciating all manner of art congregate in Houston?


  1. i miss you too. also i have a horrible injury that requires your attention; there's a giant splinter trapped in my fingernail bed.

  2. Thanks friends.

    Choo, I'm afraid the finger is going to have to come off. The good news is that you'll have a great story.

  3. will you come here for it? i don't think i have much practice at home auto-amputation. also, i talked to the "AMAZING" ex-pat kryska today and my suggestion, that you hang out at catbird's after work and drink every night to meet people, is infinitely worse than hers. the alternative i will email you. or you can befriend my horrible mother. it's not like she's busy.

  4. I *really* feel your pain. At least you are any easy drive from Austin. I am an easy drive from Graceland, which is pretty exciting to be sure ... but not nearly so nice as seeing my friends on a regular basis. Plus, the lack of Tex-Mex is killing me.


  5. a case of the homsickies sucks to be sure. but you gotta start making houston a home or those homesickies are never going to go away. volunteer! choo and i also thought that you would be a shoe in to find a houston sugar daddy. lots of gays and money in that town. heh.