Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stoopid medical humor

Today in Skills lab we learned how to operate IV pumps. The instructor demonstrated at the front of the lab so we could all see, but since there wasn't a bed and a dummy right there she let the end of the IV hang down into the trash can. Immediately I thought/said, "This trashcan is hypovolemic. Hang a bag of saline before it gets shocky." See, this is what has happened to my sense of humor. Sad really.

Later, the instructor was explaining that it was important when learning how to use unfamiliar equipment to read the manufacturer instructions or watch the training video that is usually available. Relying on co-workers can result in a game of telephone where proper procedure is transmuted into bad habits through a steady accretion of errors or shortcuts. I turned to a friend and before I could even open my mouth he got there first, "Make sure the cartridge lever is pushed down. Purple monkey dishwasher."

Oh Simpsons, is there any situation for which you don't have a relevant quote?

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