Sunday, October 15, 2006

Meat Purveyors R.I.P.

They didn't actually die, but Friday night the Meat Purveyors played their last show in Austin. Sigh. Man they are/were so very entertaining.

The night started with Mybloody and I going to End of an Ear so I could exchange some CDs. A store employee (via a scrawled note on a LP sleeve) dared me, so I bought a Juice Newton Japanese import record for $1. Then posed for a photo holding it with a smile that said either "I've been looking for this rare import version with the airbrushed cover forever and now, at long last, I'm holding it!" or "I'm a total douche who buys shit like this just because store employees dare me to." In my defense, it was $1. And her version of "Angel of the Morning" is pure cheezy goodness.

We left and drove over to Joolie's house to pick her up. She showed us some printing she'd been working on. I need a pack of her "Eat a dick" notecards, as do you. Then we headed to Continental Club for the show.

The Weary Boys were meh and we spent most of their set outside talking and going for a slice of pizza down the block. Then Meat Purveyors started and it was glorious. Mybloody had never seen them do their Madonna trilogy ("Lucky Star", "Burnin' Up", and "Like a Virgin" played at breakneck pace) so he was happy when they opened with it. Later they tore through their wonderful version of Ratt's "Round and Round." It's a testament to Ratt's songwriting and the Meat Purveyor's talent that the song sounds so good with twang vocals and mandolin. In between the band energetically zipped through a swath of their own great, punkish, bluegrass originals with at least a few from every album. I really should have gone to see them more often.

We ended the night happy to have seen them one last time and went home to put up our sore feet (mine were from dancing, not from being old).

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