Sunday, October 01, 2006

Anatomical art

Mybloodyself hosted a craft night on Saturday. I'm not particularly crafty, but I do enjoy making shrinky-dinks. Here's a couple:

Shrinky-dink: Myocardial infarction

I just had a test about heart attacks on Friday (96%, whoo!) so it was fresh in my mind. The black part is dead tissue.

Shrinky-dink: The Gall Bladder

This is a salute to an organ I haven't had for more than a couple decades now. The sister of a school friend of mine had to have her's removed this weekend. She'll have three tiny white dots from the laparoscopic surgery while I have a fat 10 cm scar. Ahh medical progress.


  1. You left out a great deal on why you have a fat 10cm scar. Yes, medical progress. There were other reasons as well, though.

  2. So yeah I had a cholecystectomy many years ago, and then developed a staph infection. The incision had to be reopened, lots of antibiotics given, cauterizing agents, a whole lot of ugly. Maybe I'll tell the whole story here one day.

  3. I like when you tell people it's from a knife fight.

  4. i like your gall bladder shrinky dink. it looks like cover art for a decemberists album.

  5. I think you are brilliant -- wickedly funny, smart as a whip, well-informed and with a fascinating outlook on life. Keep up the good work.