Thursday, April 13, 2006

Of honkers, hoo-hoos, and hornpipes

Today in class we learned assessment of the breasts and genitalia. Usually we assess each other, but since assessment includes inspection and palpation, today we just watched videos and looked at medical models. Even that made some people anxious.

The breast exam video played without controversy. During the male genital asessment video though, there was a bit of an uproar. The "patient" in the video was uncircumcised and the narrator explained that with such patients, the examiner asks them to retract their foreskin. The guy in the video did and you'd think there was mouse in there or something. Gasps and actual muffled screams from the ladies in the audience (I didn't hear any of the five other guys, but maybe they freaked too). I'm not sure exactly why they were so surprised and/or horrified. Once he pulled it back it looked like a circumsized penis, something I assume they'd seen before. Maybe they were shocked by the amount of foreskin? Cause he did have a lot. Whatever the reason, it cracked me up to see and hear such an extreme reaction.

Later, our instructor asked the teaching assistant to start handing out medical models so that the students could palpate the testicles for lumps. What she said, in a completely casual tone, was "S____ is handing out the testicles as we speak." Priceless.

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