Saturday, April 22, 2006

Having trouble peeing? Yeah, we got something for that.

Catheter lab

Thursday's skill lab was devoted to learning how to insert urinary catheters. Wheee. Doing it on the mannequin was fairly simple. Of course, they don't wince when you shove a tube up their urethra. And unlike some real women, the mannequin's urethral opening is easy to find. I did learn a trick though. When cleansing the inner labia with the betadine swabs, the urethral opening often winks when stroked. So there's that.

Test that balloon

The demonstration video we watched to prep for the day had live models in it. Some friends and I were wondering how much they got paid for it. First, there's the irritation factor, and second, your junk is out there preserved on video for posterity.

Ready for action

We took home foley kits to practice on our own and I briefly considered trying it out on myself, just to see how much it hurt. I didn't do it, but the next day I told a small group of students that I had. No one batted an eye, and a few people said that they had considered it as well. I fessed up to the lie, but was somewhat concerned that my fellow students so readily believed me.

Someone told a story about a female student who was assisting a nurse with a catheterization on a male patient. The student was holding the penis and the nurse was just about to insert the catheter when she was called out of the room. So the student is left holding this guy, who is 17 years old. Annnnnd he gets an unintentional hard-on. She drops it and hastily exits the room. Embarrassment all around.

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  1. gosh you know more about a women's genitalia and insides than most men i've slept with. probably all the men i've slept with.