Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Zak Sally, ex-Low

Zak Sally, ex-Low

I just heard the sad news that Zak Sally, bassist for Low, has quit the band. I'm not terribly surprised given the history, but it still makes me sad.

Low is my favorite band (tied with Magnetic Fields). Just as Zak spent his whole adult life in the band, I've been following them since I was a freshman in college. I've seen them more than any other band with the exception of Spoon (with whom I actually went to college), once roadtripping through Texas to see Alan, Mimi, and Zak play five times in five days. I've got almost everything they've released and lots of live shows too.


I'm going to miss the way Zak would spend a good chunk of their shows with his back turned and head down. The way he quietly sung "la la la la la" at the end of "Closer". The way he'd smile at some weird thing Alan would say on stage. The way he got to cut loose on their louder, faster songs. The genuine appreciation when he'd get a gift from a dorky fan (that'd be me).

Dang dang dang.

I think I'm going to have to listen to some Low tonight and cry a little.

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  1. for what it's worth, that weeklong roadtrip-across-texas is one of my favorite memories from when i lived in austin. nothing beats singing along to Liz Phair and the Magnetic Fields in the car, no matter what band you're going to see.

    but yeah, this whole situation is pretty heartbreaking. i can't even wrap my brain around it, and i doubt it'll even really hit me until the next time I see them live....