Thursday, October 06, 2005

The one about the Air Force recruiter

This entry was supposed to have a clever title playing off the Air Force motto. Then I looked it up and realized that nobody would know what I was talking about. The mottos are (there are two) "No one comes close" and "Uno Ab Alto" (One over all). Not exactly "Semper Fi" or "Army of One". Oh well. Kinda goes with the general feel of the Air Force, it being the branch that doesn't have to advertise as much.

Today's meeting of our nursing student association was sponsored by the Air Force. And by sponsored I mean they bought us tons of pizza and soda. Always a good way to get college students to show up. After the business portion of the meeting, the recruiter and her cohorts hit us up with the spiel.

Honestly, it's a pretty good deal if you don't mind the moving every three years, the structure, the uniforms, and - depending on your orientation - the sexual witchhunts. Oh, and possibly working in a war zone.

In order for the recruiter to document that, in her words, "I did not eat $400 worth of pizza all by myself," attendees were asked to fill out a survey form. I left out some key info like phone number, e-mail, and Social Security number because I really don't want them contacting me or acquiring a credit card in my name.

In the comments section I was tempted to write, "By the way, you didn't ask but I'm telling: I like guys kind of a lot. So..." I resisted the temptation, but since the form was pink I drew a big upside-down triangle on it. Hee.

Upon reading an earlier version of this post, Joolie made me a graphic:

Gay Force

She's so cool (and trademark-violating).

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  1. Maybe the military should improve its recruiting techniques by teaming up with this vast web of gay-agenda conspirators I keep hearing about. I mean, they're both supposedly after the same demographic, but I doubt the gays have to resort to pizza bribes.

  2. Who defends your right to be gay? Why do you paint such a derogatory picture of recruiters? If they didn't recruit and everyone was of the same mindset as you we wouldn't be able to maintain the level of comfort that we are afforded because there wouldn't be a military to protect that right. Live your lifestyle but don't force it on the rest of us, that's like the tail wagging the dog, because believe it or not most people in this country are opposed to the homosexual lifesyle. Enjoy your freedoms and quit the whining you wouldn't have the guts to defend your country anyways unless it directly affected you. So kick back, relax and enjoy your free pizza and soda it didn't hurt you. Find something important to not only complain about but DO something about.