Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Black Crystal Goatwolfdeerbear

This list of goat-monikered metal bands recalled an impromptu contest we had in the SXSW badge print room this year. The question was, "How many bands playing this year have 'black' as the first word in their name? As long as 'black' is first everything counts, i.e. Blackie." I guessed 12, the winner guessed 15, it was actually 18. Dang.

Then I remembered one of the games at a Saucony-sponsored day party. It was Pin the Crystal on the Overused-in-Band-Names Animal. Blindfolded (w/ Saucony shirts) contestants attempted to place a crystal magnet in the target area of a wolf, deer, or bear. Who knew the Saucony people were capable of such wit?

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