Sunday, February 15, 2009

Visitors, not the alien kind

Daniel and Elana came down to visit me this weekend. I've not been very aggressive about inviting people down so it was nice when Daniel expressed interest a little while ago and we were able to work out a good time for all of us. Rain delayed them on Friday night so by the time they arrived, we only had the energy for beer at a bar/coffee shop around the corner.

It's an interesting place, but noisy at night and as I usually like to read when I'm alone, I don't go often. We had a spirited conversation about Lost and sending NSFW-but-rather-tame photos to friends' cellphones. Now that there's sufficient medical applications for the iTouch, I'm starting to think about getting one. You know, for work.

Saturday was leisurely as well. A little "antique" store and fabric store perusing before we headed to the museum district. After a tour of the museums last year shortly after moving here, I've been holding off on revisiting so as to have a visitor-friendly destination just in case. We only managed to get to the Menil main building and the Cy Twombly annex (I'm not a fan) before rain sent us scurrying. We ate a nice Thai dinner and then returned to my place for whatever we're calling disco naps now. I guess we were all exhausted because the disco naps turned into sleeping all night.

After a serviceable Sunday meal (there was no slice of cantaloupe at the end so I could hardly call it brunch), D&E were off and I puttered about doing laundry for the work week ahead. If others want to visit, I'm game. Just book with me with plenty of advance notice so I can arrange my work schedule and flip over to being awake in the daytime.

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