Wednesday, February 11, 2009


All through nursing school and through most of my first year working I wore athletic shoes to the hospital. I've never cared for the chef shoes that are popular and, though I don't own a pair, I can't imagine that Crocs provide enough support for me.

Last year a friend of mine who works long hours in retail recommended I try out Z-coil shoes. After a test run I decided they worth the hefty price tag. I don't have back or joint problems, but knowing their prevalence in the nursing workforce I figured I'd try to head off any future problems. Nurses are rather fond of prevention.

They're not particularly stylish and what with the thick heels, I sometimes feel like Karloff’s version of Frankenstein’s Monster. When wearing them I have to be vigilant of feet placement. It would be rather distressing for all involved if IV tubing got caught in my shoe coils and I were to yank a large central line out of patient's neck. It's second nature to me now to look down at my feet whenever I'm at the bedside.

Now I need to pull out the receipt to see if taking the tax deduction for work-related apparel is worth it.

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