Sunday, March 30, 2008

St. Arnold's Brewery, an afternoon of beer

Yesterday I went to the St. Arnold's Brewery here in Houston with some friends. The brewery conducts a tour and tasting every Saturday afternoon. It was packed so the "tour" consisted of an employee with a mic explaining a few things about the brewery, which maybe 25% of the audience cared about. Then he explained the way the tasting worked, which I guess about 75% of the audience cared about (the other 25% were clearly veterans who knew quite well how it worked).

$5 gets you the speech, a souvenir St. Arnold's half-pint glass, and four tokens you redeem for drinks. Even the kids or teetotaling friends can join in as St. Arnold's has a root beer. If your kids are bugging the hell out of you I guess you could go half root and half real beer so they'll become sedated, or possibly belligerent. I kid of course, alcohol for children is a no-no.

I had two Lawnmowers and an Amber. By the time the final call came, I was too full from lunch and beer to use my last token. Next time I'll be more diligent. Click the above pic to go to Flickr for more photos, if you're into that sort of thing.

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