Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The South Park me

South Park Studios, where you can watch any episode from the series, recently launched. Following the lead of other animated program websites, they have an avatar generator.
This being South Park (with all that implies), you can chose from the basic body types of Female, Male, Canadian, 4th Grader, and Kindergartner. Skin tones offered are Hispanic, Caucasian, African, and Gay Tan. Yeah. I went with Male and Caucasian. The outfit is the closest I could get to scrubs, though the color is exactly right. Wish I had the Photoshop skills (and the actual program) to take out the "T" and add in a stethoscope and a pocket with pen, scissors, and hemostats. Still, fun!

UPDATE: Mybloody made my wishes come true. Picture now updated with stethoscope, pen, and hemostat. Thanks Mybloody!

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