Monday, January 07, 2008

The highs and lows of moving

So here I am again. I graduated from nursing school in December and moved to Houston a couple days ago. Friday I take the Registered Nurse licensing exam and Monday I start my new job. Just got the series of tubes hooked up to my new apartment so I thought I'd finally post again.

Since arriving in Houston I've been hit my small bursts of excitement prompted by things like moving books and CDs from boxes to shelves, the nice grocery store a 10 minute walk away, a new bed, coffee, finally having time for DVDs again, and anticipation of my new job. Those bursts of excitement have been interspersed with moments of trepidation prompted by things like studying for the licensing exam, realizing that most of my friends are hours away, pondering life in Houston sans car, and anticipation of my new job.

To sum up, life in Houston so far has followed a pattern: unpack, JOY, study, FEAR, shop for groceries, JOY, figure out bus routes, FEAR, ponder my new life, JOY/FEAR. JEAR? FOY?

St. Murse

PS I pledge to post regularly going forward. Sorry about the delay. You know how it is. Or maybe you don't. Anyway, I'll be back-filling posts summarizing school and such from now back to April. Check back in the archives for those posts as I write them.


  1. NCLEX is a piece of cake! You'll do fine, I promise. Just remember to assess first!

  2. Did you pass? Of course you passed. Have lots of fun at work tomorrow!