Monday, January 28, 2008

The closest I get to a poop joke

When I was studying for my nursing license exam a few weeks ago I came across a diagnostic test that was new to me. It's called a defecography. Here's what my book says:

- Measures anorectal function.
- Thick barium is instilled into the rectum, fluoroscopy is performed, and the
function of the rectum and anal sphincter is visualized while the client attempts to pass the barium.
- No preparation is required.

I disagree. Plenty of mental (and possibly emotional) preparation is necessary to receive a barium enema that you must then crap out while being judged on your ability to do so by medical professionals. They probably videotape it too. Realizing this is a terrible image with which to leave you, I thought of an alternate definition.

defecography /def·e·cog·ra·phy/ (def-e-kog´rah-fē)
The collected musical output of the band Def Leppard: "Photograph" is the best song in all of the Defecography.


  1. i must say i'm glad you left us with that alternative definition.

  2. Somewhere in there is another joke about Hysteria and videotaping pooping.