Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pavement at Stubb's 9/28/10

Great show from a reformed Pavement tonight in front of a sold-out crowd. So nice to see lots of people smiling and mouthing along with the words. Or shouting, cause you kinda have to yell "40 million daggers!" along with Bob. I haven't read interviews with the band stating the reasons for reuniting, but financial compensation and the urging of Matador upon their anniversary are likely high on the list. Whatever, I was just glad to bask again in the fun that is a Pavement show. I didn't end up sweating and exhausted at the front of the stage like I used to for Pavement shows at Liberty Lunch, but I did attend with the same guys as back then. So glad you could go with me E & M! Wonderful to see so many other friends as well.

UPDATE: The setlist to remind myself.

1. Silence Kit Play Video
2. Frontwards Play Video
3. Box Elder Play Video
4. Date w/ Ikea Play Video
5. Unfair Play Video
6. Starlings of the Slipstream Play Video
7. Stereo Play Video
8. Rattled by the Rush Play Video
9. Grounded Play Video
10. Perfume-V Play Video
11. Shady Lane Play Video
12. Fin Play Video
13. Cut Your Hair Play Video
14. Spit On A Stranger Play Video
15. Nastonovich slide whistle solo Play Video
16. Zurich Is Stained Play Video
17. Gold Soundz Play Video
18. Fight This Generation Play Video
19. Trigger Cut Play Video
20. Conduit for Sale! Play Video
21. Range Life Play Video
22. Encore:
22. In the Mouth a Desert Play Video
23. Two States Play Video
24. Here Play Video
25. Encore 2:
25. Kennel District Play Video
26. Summer Babe (Winter Version) Play Video
27. Stop Breathin' Play Video
28. AT & T Play Video


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  2. Mojo did an extensive article about 5 months ago about why the reunion happened, and it's a really interesting piece. Scott Kannberg has been urging them to reunite for several years and was the most excited about getting back together but also the most worried about tarnishing the legacy if they weren't able to pull it off. Malkmus wanted to hang out with the band again, but wasn't very excited about getting back together to play old songs. He's warmed up to it now, though. They also received some lucrative offers to reunite. The primary reason for the reunion, though, is to get Nastanovich out of debt. He owes thousands of dollars from betting on the horse races. He used to manage a female jockey he later ended up dating. They split up, and she later became addicted to meth and went to prison. He's now married and works for a racing website in Des Moines, but still has the massive gambling debt. Malkmus said he made Nastanovich promise that he would use the money from the tour to pay off his debts, but Nastanovich told the interviewer he was going to use the money to place even more bets on the horses. They should make a movie about these guys.

  3. Wow Dr. M, thanks for the info. Might have to dig up that article to read for myself. I knew Malkmus was the most reluctant but not the other stuff.