Friday, March 12, 2010

SXSW Film 2010 Day 1

Worked 13 hours directing lines and dealing with minor problems at Registration while trying not to talk too much because of the canker sore on my tongue. So, super-awesome. Periodic "shots" of liquid benzocaine made it bearable and the day went well, no down-time on the computer network, no loud customer meltdowns (at least that I saw).

The one hiccup was a fire alarm where we had to clear the building. It was stressful but in retrospect it was kinda fun to use my best stentorian booming voice to overcome the general noise level. If it had been an actual fire, we might have lost the videogamers because the fire alarms went unnoticed in their room full of flashing lights and cacophonous bleepbooping. I had to take the mic away from the Rock Band participants and announce the evacuation.

With the 8 hours I worked yesterday adding to the general exhaustion, I didn't even have the energy to stay awake in a theater and watch American: The Bill Hicks Story. Oh well, it'll screen again this week.

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