Friday, June 19, 2009

Who's up for Six Flags?


I will be going to Six Flags in Arlington on Sunday 8/23 if you'd like to join me. It's the last day before the local school systems start up and the park is practically empty. As others who've joined me in the past can attest, it's glorious. No lines and on many of the rides, the employees will let you ride multiple times in a row. The park's open from 11 - 7, but I usually leave around 5 because I've ridden everything multiple times by then.

Spread the word and let me know so I can start planning carpools, etc.

Oh, and Joolie gets a free ticket from me because years ago it was my fault that she was denied rollercoasters and had to settle for the Stockyards.


  1. Ok, I'll go. You don't even have to pay my way. Just prove they'll be open and buy me one of those photo keychain things.

  2. I just did two amusement parks in just over a week up in Missouri, so count me OUT.