Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another thing I love is tarnished, though electroplated in hate would be more accurate

While my love of science fiction began in high school, it truly flowered in college thanks to books loaned and recommended to me by a couple of friends (thanks M & E). Many college bullshitting sessions were spent discussing the implications and questions arising from the works of Le Guin, Varley, Brin, etc. Above them all though, was Orson Scott Card. How we adored him. He's descended into almost total suckage over the last decade or so, but still, Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, The Worthing Saga? Masterful.

Well, now he's done it. Sure I always knew he was a devout, Elder-kiss-up Mormon, but now he's calling for violent revolution against the U.S. government if gay marriage becomes common. No need for me to rant on as Michael Swaim (who knew Cracked.com had such astute writers?) has laid out the arguments beautifully. Warms the heart really.

Unlike Swaim and others I've seen, I'm not tossing the Card books I treasure. I won't buy another copy new, but good stories are good stories even if they're told by a greedy, bigoted asshole who I nonetheless will endeavor to consider a person deserving of love. And I don't even claim to be a Christian.

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