Wednesday, July 16, 2008

At last, poker night

For the first time since moving to Houston I made it back to Austin to play poker with my McJo's buddies. As was clear from my play, I really wasn't paying attention to the game. I'd build up a nice little stack then piss it away while I chatted with everyone, just happy to be surrounded by snarky, opinionated, politically-aware, ego-hammering, magnificent bastards. Regardless, I held on and finished third.

Slept well then had a late breakfast before Mick convinced me to make a specialty shoe purchase. Some other folks at work have Z-coil shoes (spring in the heel) and swear by them. Haven't broken mine in sufficiently to wear them to work for 12 hours and now I'm having a touch of buyer's remorse just from the price. I'm still in the refund window though. We'll see.

Lastly (for Corrosion), shark wants a taco.


  1. I'm on a diet.

    So yes, I DO want a taco.

    Come to think of it, I want a fish taco.

  2. Great playing with again, Murse. McJo's just isn't the same without you.