Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My trip to San Franciso, and overcast Berkeley

After working 12 hours, with a 2 hour nap under my belt, I left the apartment for my trip to San Francisco. I was glad that I found a bus route that goes to the airport, less enthused when I realized how many stops it made on it's way there. Oh well.

The flight was uneventful with a layover in Arizona only noteworthy for this odd, planes-circling-a-vortex carpet pattern in the terminal. Thankfully, SF/Oakland has a great metro system of trains and buses. I easily navigated from the Oakland airport to the Mission district where I met up with Middle Savagery and Rob. Though quite tired, their sparkling conversation and enthusiasm perked me up and we had a great time eating dosas at Dosa.

Eating round, flat things would turn into an unintentional theme for the weekend. Thursday dosas, Friday pupusas, Saturday pizza. I don't think Sunday's meal, Mission burritos, held true but MidSav argued that they were round and flat before being rolled up so they counted. Though all the meals were yummy, the pizza from The Cheese Board was phenomenal. Also a standout was the Bug Juice Ale at Triple Rock, a brew pub in Berkeley.

Most of my time in SF & Berkeley was spent eating, reading graphic novels late at night, walking, and window shopping. SF is stuffed with little shops selling cute things. I think we went into at least four stores along the line of Giant Robot, which we also visited. The best window display goes to DoublePunch. Despite all the browsing, I didn't buy much. A few things from Little Otsu and a pile of CDs from Amoeba Records Berkeley branch. I went into the main Amoeba records too, but after a few minutes I was just too overwhelmed to focus. I'll go with a specific list next time.

Saturday night I went to see REM, but I'll cover that in the next post.

On Sunday we hit the Castro generally so I could see the gay(er) part of SF, but specifically so we could see the new Indiana Jones movie at the historic Castro theater. See, MidSav is an archeology grad student and so we just had to see the movie. The theater itself was grand and it was great to have the curtain part and the movie start. No ads, no trailers. I went in with low expectations, yet was hooked in the first five minutes by Spielberg's fantastic use of mirrors and shadows. And then the George Lucas crap came in and those low expectations came rushing back. Best action sequence of the film? The motorcycle chase, which un-coincidentally had no (or at least subtle) CGI effects. Anyway, we laughed walking out.

The two best things I saw in the Castro was the sex toy shop, Does Your Mother Know? because I love inappropriate ABBA references, and the guys in pink bunny suits giving out free hugs and roses. On the way to eat, we passed an alley covered in impressive graffiti. Turns out it's the well-known Clarion Alley.

After burritos, we returned to find the vehicle gone. Towed. Suck-o. Well, we weren't parked legally, just had followed others illegal lead. Between the three of us we worked out who to call and where to go to get it back. Sorry about that budget buster friends!

Monday I had some time to kill before my flight out so I rushed to the city and hit the SF Museum of Modern Art. I wrote some notes about the work that impressed me most, but I seemed to have misplaced it. I'm sure I'll come across it and then I'll just edit this entry.

UPDATE: The notes were found, though really it's just a list of works I liked.
Gerhard Richter - Lessende (Reading)
Lichtenstein - Rouen Cathedral Set V
Rothko - No. 14, 1960
Richard Serra - Boomerang

Oh yeah, we also went out to the beach, ate at a diner overlooking the ruins of the Sutro Baths, walked through Chinatown, drove through the Presidio, and got offered "nuggets" while walking through Golden Gate Park. MidSav, according to the DEA, love nuggets are marijuana, so now you know. At this point, I'm kinda tired of writing, so the activities of this paragraph shall not be expanded upon.

More trip photos here.


  1. The Museum of Modern Art there is great. They had an amazing Fluxus exhibit there a million years ago when I visited during college.

    No SF trip is complete without copious amounts of So I Married An Axe Murderer quoting, but it sounds like you had a good time anyway! :)

  2. The SFMOA building is pretty great. I was a bit bummed that they are stingy with the art on the walls. I know they have a ton more in the basement. Crowd the walls!

    Also, Mike Meyers is an ass and dead to me. However, Anthony LaPaglia is the bee's knees.

  3. His work was truly all downhill after Axe Murderer.

    But, then, how could it not be.