Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Up all night

I started working nights this week. My schedule in general is:

- Wake up at 5 PM
- On the bus to work at 6:05 PM
- Work 6:45 PM to 7:15 AM
- Home by 8:00 AM
- In bed by 9:30 AM

Soooo much better than waking up at 5 AM. On my days off I'll wake up and hit the gym, do laundry, and grocery shop before those places close at midnight, then enjoy the peace and quiet of the night. At first I'm sure I'll do a lot of reading and movie-watching, but I do plan to go on some photo excursions around my neighborhood and finally get out to the music clubs to see some bands. A social life would be nice as well.

I was going to advise my friends to avoid calling me during the day, but I accidentally left my phone on yesterday and didn't wake up despite three separate calls. Yay for the air conditioner/white noise generator in my bedroom.

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