Thursday, March 29, 2007

SXSW Music 2007

Don't really have time to give an exhaustive review of bands and performers I saw/heard, so this is mainly a record for me.

The Pipettes - cute, but the backing band was bored and it showed
[The walk to and from this show netted for free: vitamin water, ice cream, a custom button, poster, and condoms]
Imperial Teen - fun, not as good as a couple years ago
Beirut - packed, loud audience almost overwhelmed band, good not great
The Early Years - interesting, I'd like to hear their recordings
The Mountain Goats - great, though I was tired and therefore not as involved in the show

Emmylou Harris - an interview with songs scattered through; funny, sweet, just an amazing person; I heard her perform "Love Hurts", "Green Pastures", and "Boulder to Birmingham"; missed her doing "Orphan Girl" dagnabbit
Martha Wainwright - I see a lot of her family in her
Bob Mould - raging on solo acoustic
Tosca String Quartet + Lambchop - gorgeous, I'm bummed I couldn't see the whole performance
The Octopus Project - good as (almost) always
Golden Arm Trio - just caught a few songs; I used to see them all the time and I really should make a point of seeing them again sometime soon

Comedy on the Music Circuit panel - hilarious, but could it not have been with Zach Galifianakis and David Cross on the panel? Henry Owings, John Wurster, and some other guy too. Best part was Cross talking about a terribly misguided attempt to open for GBV (I think) after which someone in the audience actually peed on him from behind, whereupon Zach quickly offered a insincere apology.

Kid Koala - His live, heavily manipulated "Moon River" was astounding
Daniel Johnston - Uh, somebody tell him not to do Nazi jokes
Thurston Moore Instrumental
Hoodoo Gurus - Dang, they were great
Tullycraft - I though I was too tired to dance and then they just got me on my feet, bravo Tullycraft

The Buzzcocks - still tear it up
Bill Calahan - beautiful
Tilly and the Wall - a lot of fun with an enthusiastic crowd
The Octopus Project/Black Moth Super Rainbow - lovely, trippy
Donnie Davies - Heh, Donnie just lipsynced to a guy hidden behind the PA speakers
Kid Koala - again great
Amon Tobin - Good, but not as fresh as he used to be
Junior Senior - Whooo, great way to end the week, lots of sweaty dancing