Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Junior Senior totally dissed me, sorta. Well no, not really.

Several months ago, a friend of a friend put out a call for people to join her in a fun endeavor. The band Junior Senior had requested that fans shoot footage of themselves lipsynching to the song "Can I Get Get Get". The footage would be edited into a video for the song. Junior Senior wanted to get submissions from all over the world and noted that they'd like to get a sense of the city/country the fans hailed from. Also, the presence of yo-yos was suggested as they were to be a recurring theme on the album.

So one Saturday I reported to Niki's house to find that I was the first person to arrive. She taught me the song while we waited for the others. Who never came. So the two of us (with a cameraman in tow) danced and sang "Can I get get get to know know know you better better baby" a ridiculous amount of times outside the Guadalupe I Love Video, in front of the giant Austin postcard mural, and while cavorting around the huge star in front of the Texas History Museum. A giant inflatable crab was attached (mounting? humping?) the star. We shook its claw and waved balloons about while tourists gawked at us. I provided yo-yo action as well. At the end of the day we agreed that we were very much rockstars. Niki sent off the footage.

The video is now out and I'm massively disappointed. Either many Junior Senior fans are somewhat cute but rather boring or the video editor is untalented and/or vision-impaired. Almost no one shows off where they are from by say, dancing with the Eiffel Tower in the background or atop a Mexican pyramid. And only one clip of yo-yoing, tragic.

What it really all comes down to is this, I'm not in the video. Laaame. Niki has two brief shots, one lipsynching in front of the Austin mural (not that you can read it in close-up), and the other showing her dancing legs (there was much, much better dancing leg footage). I'm not jealous of Niki, what I'm saying is that we should have constituted at least 25% of the video. Watch it for yourself, I guess. Grumble sourgrapes grumble.


  1. Those bastards! If it's any consolation, the video is pretty bad. So is the song. No wonder they are having trouble finding anyone to release their new record in the states.

  2. i was seriously hoping that video was going to be your submission, not their lame video!