Friday, May 19, 2006

Murderously angry

I've always had a high opinion of Mac products, but right now I'm seething. After I take pictures with my camera, I import them to my Mac with the software that came with my camera. Then I import them into iPhoto and use it as a management tool. It also has a nifty way to export them to Flickr easily. I had assumed that iPhoto just organized the photos that could be anywhere on my hard drive. Last night, while looking to delete files to free up space, I came across iPhoto files of all my pictures. "Huh, I guess it was actually copying them into new folders. Wow, I've been storing my pictures in two different places, what a waste of memory."

After double checking it, I went about deleting the original picture files. Tonight I just pulled up iPhoto to find that the thumbnails are still there, but the actual picture files? Gone. Searched all over, trying to figure out what happened. Still clueless. Last night the files were all there in iPhoto file folders, tonight they're gone. WTF?

I can only be comforted that most of those pictures I uploaded to Flickr, so they still exist, but not all. Seething I tell you.


  1. I did the same thing about a year or so ago. Pissed me off to no end. I lost quite a few pictures that I didn't have backed up elsewhere.

  2. I was irritated when I found out that the photos that we were displaying on our .mac account were only being shared from our hard drive, so we had to always keep them there, instead of them being uploaded to the internets or whatever. The one silver lining of our .mac account going boom (second reason I hate mac right now) is that it pushed me to start setting up a real website that actually will store our pictures for us. I guess. So complicated. :face palm: