Saturday, June 25, 2005

A study in contrasts

Pulled another loooong shift at the hospital. First time on a Friday night though. Very tired now.

Huge contrast tonight between two particular patients. One was an incredibly good-looking man, one was the worst-smelling person I've ever encountered.

Chesty McProud kept his upper body bare for the entire evening to the delight of certain staff members. Stanky Von Greazy's foul odor seeped out of his room to the horror of all who walked by.

Chesty apparently takes the time to shave his entire body. Stubble was noted on his chest, foot, and the backs of fingers. Stanky can't be bothered with even rudimentary washing up. His blue jeans were in fact brown and shiny from dirt and body oil.

Chesty was a little flirtacious once the pain meds kicked in. Stanky, not mentally ill, thought his lack of hygiene was funny.

Chesty would be paid well as a model. Stanky could be well-compensated by the smelling salts industry if he could figure out how to bottle his odor, particularly the vile reek of his feet. Seriously y'all, like a vat of warm cat shit.


  1. "like a vat of warm cat shit." nice. i've got to remember that one.

  2. I calls them like I smells them.