Saturday, January 22, 2005

Best show of the year on 1/21?

Quite possibly.

Last night I saw The Arcade Fire and they killed me. Amazing, incredible, brilliant, and many other laudatory things. Great album for sure, but live they're on a highter plane. The energy and passion with which they played, even after so many tour dates, was electrifying. My body was in constant motion and I couldn't have distanced myself emotionally if I'd wanted to. It was what I imagine a church revival would be like for people into such things. If somehow they'd been on a bill with the Hidden Cameras and Danielson Famile, I think I would have had a stroke.

It didn't hurt that in addition to their own great songs, they played covers of The Magnetic Fields' "Born on a Train" and Talking Head's "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)", the last with steel drum. Two great songs by two great bands.

Must to see them again. I can only hope for a SXSW show.

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  1. Sadly, no SXSW show, but they will be playing a show with David Byrne sometime in the late Spring. So it would be hyper-cool if they performed "This Must Be The Place" with the combined power of both bands. Ahh, sweetness.